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Booking Your Fundraiser


Jimy Mac’s pub offers great fundraising opportunities for your sports team or charitable organization. Please book well in advance by calling Ron, Adam or Issy at 604-888-8830. 



Jimy Mac’s Pub holds fundraisers Saturday through Thursdays.  We will not book a fundraiser on a date that may conflict with Monday Night Football.  For fundraisers scheduled on Canuck hockey game nights we will only reserve your required seating until 6pm for games starting at 7pm.  Also, there are many Saturday nights that we host major sporting events and we try to avoid booking fundraisers on those nights.   

The Pub can accommodate up to 100 guests for your fundraiser.

We suggest guests arrive no later than the usual 6:00pm start time to ensure seating.  Food can be ordered from your server immediately as we do not have a preset time for dinner.  This gives them time to look at silent auction items and mingle before their food is served. 


 Burger and Beer ($10.00/person)   

The price of the burger and beer ticket will be $10 including tax. This will include a burger, fries and a sleeve of draft (Canadian, Coors Light, Bud or Pilsner), a bar highball, house red or white wine, juice, pop, coffee or tea.  All burgers (either beef or  veggie) will come with mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion on the bun.  There is a charge for substituting with chicken.  You can also customize your burger with cheese, mushrooms or bacon for a small charge.



In order to prepare the tickets we require the following:  Price (we suggest you sell tickets for $20), confirm start time (usually 6:00pm) and date, name of charity/organization raising the funds and the name of “Proceeds to”.

We will prepare the tickets and collect a $300 deposit when you pick them up.  On the night of the fundraiser you return any unsold tickets and we only charge you for the number of sold tickets minus the $300 deposit.  In the event of cancellation or you sell less than 15 tickets, the deposit is non-refundable.

Some events require more tickets and any request for more than 100 tickets, up to a maximum of 120, will require a minimum of $1,000 as payment for your fundraiser, regardless of how many tickets under 100 that you sell.


Money Raising Ideas

Silent Auction

Jimy Mac’s can provide tables for your silent auction items.  We suggest you obtain prizes through local community businesses, organizations etc. 


50/50 Draw

Some groups hold 50/50 draws to raise extra money – a gaming license is required to have one of these draws.  Please see below for instructions on how to obtain one of these licenses.


Square Boards

Design a board of between 50 and 100 squares, set random numbers on the board and sell the squares for $2 – $10 (depending on the value of the prize you are giving away).  Once it is full, draw two numbers from the numbers you have selected across the top and down the side.  Then, go to the number along the top and the number down the side and the square where they meet is the winner.  Try to sell this first because the donated prize was free and the money generated is fully yours (unlike a 50/50 draw).




-Go on the web

-On the left side, click on licenses (gaming event)

-On the left side, click on Class B License:

Non-profit organizations raising funds to support programs or services they provide that directly benefit the broader community. (Under 20,000)




-On The left side, click on Class D License:

Group, team, or organization must include at least three members who take responsibility for the gaming event. Funds raised must be used to benefit a community and/or third party within British Columbia, or an eligible general purpose of your group or organization that provides direct benefit to a third party or the broader community. (Under 5,000)


Class B License: Click on “Apply – Class B License”

 -Scroll down to step #3 – Online Application, or Mail in Application

-On the left hand side click “Apply Online” where you will then need to search your organization.


Class D License: Click on “Apply – Class D License”

-Scroll down to step #3 – Click “Online Services”

-On the left hand side click “Apply Online” where you will then need to search your organization.



-it is $25 non-refundable for class B, $10 for class D

-it takes three business days to process online applications and up to a week or longer for applications sent through the mail


Gaming Contact: Doug Woodworth – He is very helpful!

         # (250) 356 9749



We are proud and pleased to be able to assist charities and organizations raise funds to enable them to succeed in their efforts.  Please contact us if you have any questions.